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Megha Systems is one of India's leading designers and manufacturers of high quality toliet cubicles in all major Indian cities. Our experienced team work closely with many leading architect, interior design and building companies. Our client list includes many companies in finance, insurance, marketing, media, legal and government as well as a large number of smaller businesses....

We offer a product range that is continually evolving in collaboration with our clients needs, striving to incorporate the best in international product design with exclusive agreements with few of our Clients. We provide toliet cubicle made to local lead times and at local pricing.

Megha Systems is committed to best environmental practice and sets its reputation on service, quality and delivery.

Every project is handled by a professionally trained and skilled project management team. All stages from briefing, design and space planning, to manufacture, fit-out and after sales support are carefully handled to meet our clients needs and expectations. Read More

Toilet Cubicles/Shower Partition Manufacturers & Supplier Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad

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The Perfect Toilet Cubicle For Everyone By Megha Systems

Nowadays finding relish in everything has become important, it doesn't matter if it is about going to a restroom. A clean restroom with a clean toilet cubicle and toilet partition is necessary for everyone.

However, when it comes to toilet cubicles, partition toilet and other toilet accessories, it becomes essential to look for a good manufacturer. A good toilet cubicle manufacturer can provide quality based stuff at a right price.

Moreover, choosing the various designs and color themes would become easy with such a manufacturer. Therefore, let us read more about toilet cubicles.


Why do we need a toilet cubicle from a professional place?

Toilet cubicles are necessary to buy from a professional place or else it might not be of a good quality. People might have already experienced toilet cubicles in public toilets where some of them are blocked, some might be broken and some let out a bad smell. To not let this happen to the toilet cubicles in your restroom, you need a professional place.

A professional toilet cubicle seller, or more like a manufacturer, can provide various designs, themes and color palette for the clients to choose. The professional manufacturer can provide good quality WC cubicles. Furthermore, their delivery would be speedy and their work would be of high quality.

Which is the best toilet cubicle manufacturer?

India has many manufacturers that sell toilet cubicles. However, Megha Systems is the only manufacturer to sell high quality toilet cubicles and partitions at a cost-effective price. The leading designers of this manufacturer are highly experienced. Moreover, they have an expert team with leading architects, designers and other staff members.

Let us read these reasons of why choose Megha Systems:

  • High Experience - Megha Systems have provided their toilet cubicle and partition for many years with a high quality of goods.
  • Highly Trained Workers - Every worker, designer and architect at this manufacturer is highly trained to provide satisfactory services.
  • Prioritize Customers & Clients - Megha Systems have always prioritize their customers and clients’ wishes over anything else.
  • Dedicating Towards Their Work - Dedication towards work is necessary in every profession and business. Without dedication clients wouldn’t feel satisfaction of their work.
  • Time Management - It is one of the basic skills at Megha Systems. They have always managed their time to do a speedy delivery for every client.

What is the toilet cubicle variety provided by the best manufacturer?

Everyone needs a high quality and a large variety of goods they are interested in buying. Megha Systems understands it, that is why they provide various goods beside toilet cubicles of good quality. Let us learn what goods Megha Systems provide:

  • Toilet Cubicles - Megha Systems provides a good quality of toilet cubicles with various color themes per the clients’ themes.
  • Toilet Partitions - Megha Systems provides a large variety of toilet partitions too. Clients can choose from various designs to different colors, to a mixture if they liked.
  • Accessories for Toilet - Toilet accessories are also necessary to plan out a well designed restroom. It doesn’t matter if it is for your home bathroom or a business place toilet; every place needs these accessories such as modern taps and towel hangers.

What is different about Megha Systems toilet cubicle from other manufacturers?

As we all know there are many toilet cubicle manufacturers then out of all of them why Megha Systems is the best? What makes Megha Systems special than other manufacturers? Let us find this out in these points:

  • First of all, the toilet cubicle price at Megha Systems is more cost-effective than other places.
  • Secondly, Megha Systems has various styles, designs and themes to match your office or home space.
  • Thirdly, Megha Systems toilet cubicles and partitions are of higher quality than other places.
  • Megha Systems are also committed to provide a fast and speedy delivery of goods to keep their clients their priority.
  • Furthermore, the toilet cubicle partition material are all environment friendly, they do not go against best environment practices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a toilet cubicle?

Toilet cubicles are the private enclosed areas within washrooms for people to go through their physical needs. Such enclosed areas have a small toilet within them, which we call a toilet cubicle.

What do you call a toilet cubicle?

Toilet cubicles are a small round container fixed in the wall or the floor of an enclosed private area within the washroom. These fixed, small, enclosed areas are called toilet cubicles.

What is the minimum size for a toilet cubicle?

The minimum size for a toilet cubicle usually is 800mm wide and 1500mm deep.

What is a toilet partition?

To separate two toilet cubicles spaces and let the people have their privacy, a toilet partition is used. These partitions divide the spaces between toilet cubicles.

What is the meaning of cubicle in bathroom?

With the change in time, people nowadays prefer having a cubicle in their bathroom. With this they can complete their physical needs then continue to have a shower. It is a space optimizing idea.

What is the difference between a cubicle and a stall toilet?

A toilet cubicle is not as private as a stall toilet, after all stall toilets are enclosed areas, while toilet cubicles can be in open too with only a partition for privacy.

What is the difference between a partition and a cubicle?

A cubicle is a space fixed in the wall where people complete their physical needs, however, what divides two cubicles to provide privacy are called partitions.